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    Life Transitions

    The average person will face 30-40 disruptors in their lifetime. Some are happy disrupters, while others can feel very painful.

    According to Bruce Feiler, author of Life is in the Transitions, “the average person will have 13 jobs, move 11.7 times, have 3 accidents, 7 in 10 will get married, 1 in 5 will cheat, and 1 in 5 will get a divorce. Half of us will have heart attacks, a quarter will become addicts, a third of women will be sexually assaulted, as will a sixth of men.”

    About 10% of these disrupters are “Lifequakes.” You can think of these as “monster curveballs” that fundamentally shift the meaning, purpose, or direction of someone’s life. These lead to TRANSITIONS (the messy middle). The good news? On the other side is renewal!

    If you are in the middle of a life transition, I am here to help!